Thursday, October 28, 2010

what a news.. duhh

i follow this blog actually, since they provide news from Malaysia & Indonesia.. i would say not all news are, well you can say, worth to read as i found it not really important.. i except it as important if the news have a significant impact on the nation / world..

until i read this.

err.......................... like, REALLY???

in my opinion, if Indonesia has FINALLY *rolling eyes* developing their economy towards positive growth, i would like to be the first to congratulate them.. because their economy is FINALLY growing! of course i will support  them.. negara satu rumpun, satu bangsa, satu agama.. it is good for them..

and when the time has come, i guess Malaysians will understand if all the Indonesians who are currently working want to go back and contribute to their country.. we have NO problem with that..

because we have many other workers from other countries who love to replace them.

totally NO big deal.

good luck guys! *thumbs up*

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kueh bakar said...

indonesia pasti pesat sikit masa lagi...