Tuesday, March 12, 2013

praying for peace

go here for the lyrics..

i love this song so much.. and it reminds me of what is happening in Sabah right now..

"hope the wound heals but it never does, because we are at war with love"

only that we are at war with the name of the love towards the country..

but what saddened me the most is, Sultan Sulu's army are calling themselves muslims.. while their actions show nothing what Rasulullah s.a.w has taught us.. and some more, we are at war with our fellow muslims.. great, nice doing guys..

second thing is, how the politicians take this as an opportunity to come up with bullets, shooting at each other.. like, really guys??? aren't we all should stop for a while and get together to solve the problem??? patutlah Rasulullah s.a.w suruh kita cari pemimpin yang kuat ilmu agamanya.. atau sekurang2nya jadikan ulama' sebagai penasihat..

these people don't deserve my vote at all.. i'd rather vote for nothing..

and i strongly believe ada pihak ketiga yang sedang bertepuk sorak menyaksikan semua ini..

or worse, mereka sedang bersiap sedia untuk menangguk di air keruh.

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kueh bakar said...


kuala lumpur - macam chow kit bukan milik malaysian atau melayu lagi...

ia milik bangla.indon.nepal..

when somethings bad happen, kita salah sama sendiri..

politics cap tahi ayam semua