Thursday, August 6, 2009

jodoh dan pertemuan

jodoh dan pertemuan di tgn Tuhan...

frankly speaking, i just recently understand the meaning behind it... before, i never really get it; why must jodoh and pertemuan be related to each other?

the benefits of having a serious talk with peers. ^_-

he explained to me on jodoh first... he said everyone has a jodoh with someone... but perhaps the jodoh is still not yet to be discovered... means no meeting yet... that's how the pertemuan get into, u c...

our jodoh is just around us... we might be working at the same building or company... we might be swimming at the same pool... we might be jogging at the same park... we might be dining at the same fave restaurant... we might be shopping at the same groceries shop... but since the pertemuan is still not yet to be as fated, we will not meet the jodoh...

when the time comes, we will meet them... and then miracles happen...

why i said miracles? because it is amazing how someone can know right away that he/she is the one... just met and go out dating for a couple of weeks and then get married... compared to previous long-term relationships, this one is simpler and more straight-forward...

that needs miracles... because it does not suit any logical thinking... hehehe ^_^

so frens out there, never give up on love... no matter how terrible your love life is, never give up... someone out there is made for you... you just have to find them... and eventually you will meet them to experience the miracles... <3<3<3

~are you afraid of love? i'm not.
are you afraid of taking the risk? i'm not.
that was why i went for him.
regret? i never regret even a bit.
if you're afraid of getting hurt, forget about being in love!


MisA AmaNe said...

sometimes i afraid to being hurt

but its life!

cahaya said...

apsal aku rase touching sgt ni...huhu

~ xoxo ~

whitelilies island said...

misa amane:
when u r hurt, just be tuff.. u'll get thru' it after all.. stay positive and everything will turn out to be fine eventually ^_^

the conversation really had opened up my eyes... <3

MisA AmaNe said...

yeah..i hope that

always pray..hope after the rain i will see d rainbow!

whitelilies island said...

gud2.. keep up the positive attitude!! ^_^

Anonymous said...


whatever u do, wat ever u believe in.. just go on with your love.. sumtimes we have to try harder to get wat's we dream of.. then we can realize hows she/he is very important in our life.

Ppl around us mayb not really knows u.. but remember they always there when u need them... exp me..

Chayokk ada.. :)

whitelilies island said...

tq Anonymous..
wish me luck ^_^