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mari stadi ye kwn2

subject kita arini adelah ADAMANTIUM.

Adamantium is a fictional man-made metal alloy that has been depicted largely within the pages of comic books published by Marvel Comics. Adamantium is frequently described as being virtually indestructible and the exact chemical composition is a United States government classified secret. Adamantium is not an element: its properties do not qualify it for any known space on the Periodic Table of Elements. Rather, Adamantium is a series of closely related compounds of iron created through a secret process discovered by the American metallurgist Dr. Myron MacLain.

Adamantium is created through the mixing of certain chemical resins whose composition is a United States government secret. For eight minutes after the resins are mixed, the Adamantium can be molded into a particular shape as long as it is kept at a temperature of 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit. After this brief period the process of creating Adamantium is completed. The extremely stable molecular structure of the Adamantium prevents it from being molded further, even if the temperature remains high enough to keep it in liquefied form. Only a device celled a Molecular Rearranger can alter the form of hardened Adamantium.

The United States government has shared the secret of Adamantium's composition with certain of its allies, and the secret has also fallen into the hands of various criminals, such as the Constrictor, who has made special weaponry from Adamantium. Wolverine possesses artificial claws made of True Adamantium and his bones have been fused with Adamantium in an unexplained manner so as to greatly increase their tensile strength. The outer portion of the robotic body of Ultron is also composed entirely of True Adamantium, although Ultron's inner mechanisms are not.

Adamantium is a very dense, artificial, iron-based alloy that is virtually indestructible. A sufficient amount is capable of surviving multiple nuclear explosions with no damage. A pure blade of Adamantium is capable of cutting any known substance, with the exceptions of Adamantium itself and Captain America's shield. The ability to slice completely through a substance with an Adamantium blade depends upon the amount of force being exerted and the density of the material in question.

Because True Adamantium is exceptionally difficult and expensive to create, various researchers found a more cost-effective way to duplicate it, at the expense of quality and durability. This alternate version, referred to as Secondary Adamantium is considerably stronger than even Titanium and is resistant against most assaults. However, assaults from sufficiently powerful weapons or beings can warp or break it.

Adamantium is a fictional chemical substance in a number of fictional settings, notably the Marvel Universe. The name is derived from the word adamant. The alloy is malleable in its molten state, but is nearly indestructable once cooled. Variants include carbonadium, a malleable form used by the villain Omega Red, and Captain America's shield, which is made of an unknown vibranium alloy that was reverse-engineered to create adamantium.

True adamantium is used as the key component in several characters' equipment, including:

* Wolverine's claws and skeleton.
* Bullseye's skeleton.
* Some of Ultron's robotic bodies.
* A skeleton and claws that were briefly bonded to Sabretooth.
* Captain America, using the short-lived identity of "The Captain", used a shield made entirely of adamantium.
* In the movie X2, Lady Deathstrike's talons and skeleton.

The Japanese scientist Lord Dark Wind was the first to propose a procedure by which Adamantium could be bonded to a human skeleton. Dark Wind's theory was practiced by the ClanDestine Weapon X Program who subjected their former mutant operative, Wolverine, to the procedure. Wolverine's mutant healing factor allowed him to survive the process and induced a molecular change in the metal, transforming it into a wholly new metal, named Adamantium Beta that does not inhibit the biological processes of bone.

Dark Wind himself performed a similar procedure on the assassin Bullseye to replace some of his bones, while Weapon X repeated their earlier success with the feral mutant Sabretooth. A similar process was performed on the mutant mercenary Cyber to lace his skin with Adamantium, and the cyborg Donald Pierce once used the metal to rebuild his then-shattered form. The metal has also been used to coat certain robots, such as the superhuman-hunting TESS-One and to forge others such as the megalomaniacal Ultrons.

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