Tuesday, June 30, 2009

lunch at shogun restaurant

date: 27th june 09, lunch time
venue: shogun, sunway pyramid

shogun restaurant adalah satu restoran buffet mknan jepun... this is a first tym trial... n it was not a disappointed experience... mknan sgt sdp!! and plus, dia ade mknan yg juga bkn mknan jepun... a mixed of western and eatern food... pendek kata, range food of choice dia adalah sgt byk dan sgt best!!! mkn dgn perasaan yg puas hati... nyumnyumnyum~~~

~left: chicken drumroll, bawang goreng tempura, dan yg lain2 tatau nama. haha... right: variety of sushi~

~kani: isi tangan ketam, which is soo convenient to eat sbb takyah kupas ketam. hahhaa~

~lamb shank, lamb-minced stick, fried oyster with cheese and mixed kani with cheese~

~variety of sushi~

like every japanese restaurants, green tea will be served as a complimentary drink... price: RM48++ for adult... utk dinner, pricing dia lain plak... perhaps derang serve a different range of food, i guess...

neway, it's a nice place to have a long chat with frens and family while eating up delicious food... go ahead and try!! ^_^

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