Tuesday, October 6, 2009

thank you girl.. u know who u are..

i have something in my mind..
something that i want to pursue..
it's big, it's a dream..
at first i doubt it coz i don't know any other ppl who ever done it..
not someone that i know at least..

the best thing is, when i told the dream to a friend..
she supports me and gives opinions..
opens up my view.. shows me where to go..

that's one great thing to have a best fren like her..
thank you God for letting me have her as a fren..

i will pursue this.. i'm positive about it..
she has supported me since the first step..
if i persevere, she will gonna be part of it..
her name will be carved on it..
for eternity..

thank you girl.. u know who u are..

wif luv.

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