Tuesday, November 24, 2009


hmm.. takde idea la nak updet pe.. pale cam terawang2.. still terigt2 konsert hujan aritu.. detik2 bersama AG COCO luvluvluv.. yaawwww~~~

AG syg aku sggh2.. yesyesyes!!! <3

i always hate November.. and i always superduper excited to be in December..
every year is like that, n dont ask me why..
tp kali ni i'm torn apart..

end of this month, my besfren is going to work in Borneo..
sgt sdey..
she is the best ppl to hangout with.. we had so much tym together..
the times we had is the greatest and craziest times in my life..
i luv her.. and i will definitely gonna miss her..
wish her all the best in life..
till we meet again.. mata kimasho!

this year i am superduper excited to reach December..
he'll be back..
i wanna see him again.. be with him again..
i really miss him..
less than a couple of week to go..
i wish.........................we'll find each other..
with luv.

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