Thursday, December 3, 2009

nebes nebess...

hidup ni penuh dgn kejutan.. surprises.. things sumtyms come in a way u never expect it.. lain yg dirancang lain yg terjadi.. lain yg diharap lain yg dtg..

i luv surprises.. but only in special events with presents from loved ones.. but the news i got today.. well it was certainly a surprise.. a huge one.. coz i least expect for it.. i thot i gonna get smthg else.. but then i feel grateful.. thankful to God for giving me the chance.. for opening the door for me.. but truly saying, i'm nervous.. i dont think i'm ready yet for it.. but i know i have to gather up myself to face it.. force myself to be ready for it.. nak tak nak kena gak wat.. hadoo pening2..

deep down inside i'm nervous.. with my bff already far away from me so i got no one to entertain me anymore, life would be harder.. only she knows how to make a joke out of smthg serious until i can see it as a small matter.. really.. she really has that power.. heh.. windu sama kamu fa..

takpelah.. i still can call her smtyms.. in fact ramai lg my bff here who can help me calm myself in their own ways *winkwink*

actually i luv my current job.. i'm leading a great team.. i have a great team members.. i luv them all, despite of the hanky-panky, but i luv them all.. to handover the job to someone else, it really gives me a sentimental feeling.. aku peneraju.. i have to creatively think how to manage the team the right way, not just right but in the most logical way (huwaa leh phm ke aku describe gini??).. with some guidance from the other TLs and bosses of cos.. but yeah, i can say most of the idea was from me.. since they are logic and effective so my bosses simply approve la.. for them, as long as jobs are done then they are all fine on the decisions i made.. i can understand that..

plus, the team is my first team to lead so far since i first start working.. tu psl i said it's very sentimental to i want to handover the position to sum1 who i really can trust.. sum1 who can continue what i have started..

i hope i have made the right decision.. i really hope so..

~u, gudluck k ^_^


Ohimesama said...

u certainly forgot to update me about this news :P

whitelilies island said...

alang, i didnt forget at all laa.. its just not yet.. hehe..
soon dear soon ;-P