Saturday, February 27, 2010

my happy ending?

ok watching Monalisa makes me feel an unexplained-mixed feelings.. damn..

ni Monalisa cite melayu tau.. lakonan nasha aziz, aqasha, dide alias n raja farah.. kat prima..

i never like watching malay drama tp ntah nape nk tgk lak cite nih.. siol laa..........

i'm angry.. wat am i angry about? i dunno.. but mostly to myself..

everyone tells me to dump him.. even my logical mind says the same too.. but it seems like i keep on accepting him every time he comes back..

he's serious in wanting me.. i tried to accept but my heart refused to.. now i ended up playing a role of a gf instead of being a gf.. fuck..

complicated.. and i'm the one who made it complicated.. damn..

i hope i have enuff guts to tell him the real thing.. to tell him to backoff.. i dont want to play with anyone's heart.. it's not good..

definitely not good at all.........

at least Monalisa has a happy ending story..


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