Wednesday, March 10, 2010

show some respect 'ere eh mate!

aku terigt ms kat induction program aritu, ramai groupmates aku lg muda dr aku.. aku srh derang pggl nama je takyah ber"kak-kak" nih.. they said they just wanna show some respect.. i just laugh it off and the issue never been brought up again..

for me, to gain respect is not by being older than everyone else.. tak semestinya ko tua then ko layak dihormati.. well maybe just hormat sbg elderly but blm tentu dlm aspek humanity, ko layak dihormati.. rite?

let say, this girl is a bitch.. always talk badly about other ppl.. never can keep a secret and luv to announce sum1's secret.. even if she's older than you, can you respect her?

it's just an example.. i don't refer it to anyone..

for me, ppl respect each other when we understand each other.. understand his/her personality.. we also respect other ppl according to their maturity level.. especially when some1 is more experienced than you.. because we know we can learn many things from them, as a guidance..


there's nothing wrong with me taking advises from ppl who are younger than me rite?

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