Saturday, April 24, 2010

jgn smpi tercicir sudaa

i was supposed to be at tsk perdana right now but thanks to my fren who has kidnapped me until nearly dawn last nite.. last2 terbangun kol 10 sdgkan kena ada kat sana as promised with dila to be there at 10am.. damn.. cian dila.. haihh.. sory dil, nnt aku blnje ko tgk ironman ek.. -_-"

about the fren, dia actually wat luahan perasaan about her gf.. apparently his gf was still keep in touch with her ex who turned out to be his fren.. he didn't know about this at the first place.. he said he doesn't mind her gf to meet anyone and that includes the ex.. he tried to be open but his gf has taken the chance to spark back wat she had lost..

hmm.. when talking about seeing back your ex, i never believe we actually can remain frens.. ada yg boleh, maybe.. but those ppl are minority.. my fren and her gf (which now is his ex) has been together for a year.. for me one year is a long period enuff to strengthen our feelings towards our partners.. but i guess not in this situation since she has fallen back to her previous love..

that's why i never believe in remain frens with our exes.. the risk on falling in love again is huge and that can jeopardized our current relationships.. it's actually hard for us to move on.. i've been there and done that.. and it didn't work.. the sparks is still actually there.. well unless it has completely died then i guess it's ok enuff to meet the ex.. itu pun just catching up and say hi and no more than that.. no need to lepak2 g minum apatah lg exchanging the latest no or email or watsoever.. in fact byk kes yg aku dgr even dah kawen n beranak pinak pn bley tergoyah perasaan bile jupe ex blk.. dan menyebabkan byk marriages ended up in divorce..

i suggest move on and never look back.. wats past is past..

but then again, kalo dah jodoh x ke mana kan? hehh.. perhaps we should remind ourselves, perlu sentiasa beringat.. takut jd mcm yg dikejar tak dpt, yg dikendong berciciran.. *wink2* hv a nice sunday! ;-P

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* CahaYa * said...

its ok coz i dpt tgk ironman is complicated....haish benci!!!