Sunday, May 30, 2010

Prince of Persia, Maid-sama & Criminal Minds

knape bile cuti rs cam ms berjln sgt cepat.. sgt sgt cpt.. extremely fast.. hayaii deshou.. hmm...

if only i can turn back tym, return to the starting of the holiday.. besnyeee~~

well.. maybe it was becoz i spent tym on entertaiment only.. that's why i guess tym seems running faster than it usually does..

let me see.. on friday, after attended kak mala's solemnisation ceremony, i went to watch Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time..

i was a great movie!!! i luv it sooooooooo much!!! another work of jerry brukheimer.. it was soo great i feel like wanna watch it everyday.. jake gylenhall also great in the movie.. i think it was his first tym acting in such an epic full of action movie.. and he was absolutely great.. and handsome <3<3<3

on saturday and sunday, since i canceled my plan to go back to ipoh, i spent my day watching anime: Maid-sama..

and finished the whole season 1 of Criminal Minds, which i bought by deducting points through VOD of Unifi..

i can never get enuff of the show.. it's my fave tv series ever since it first hits the tv.. i was so drown into it.. it reveals how the psychos end up killing ppl and become very dangerous.. to get into their mind, to understand the way they think, so that the BAU team can predict the criminals' next move and eventually capture them.. i must say this series is even greater than those CSI trios.. hehe..

they even have their own blog.. checkitout here..

tomorrow hanky panky awaits.. better get ready to pull the gear up to 5 the first thing in the morning.. -_-"

nite all..

note to the moron:
at least there's a movie telling a story about my ancestors.. how 'bout yours? YCGTH

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