Tuesday, May 25, 2010

sorry boss...... -_-"

regardless my hectic working life and the increment of workloads, i still refuse to continue work at home.. and that actually the main factor on the increment of the workloads.. hehh...

every night i plan to sleep early so that i can wake up early.. so that i can go to the office early and start working early.. so far i manage to sleep early, as early as at 11pm (hehh -_-").. but i keep failing to get up early and end up waking up at, as late as 7am (another hehh -_-")..

as for my situation, of coz i can't wake up at 7am.. it takes 30min for me to shower+dress up.. and another 1 hour to reach my office.. i have to arrive at the office before 8.30am.. since i arrive sharply on time, i have to queue to park my car in the basement, which will take another 30min at least, and 45min at most.. or perhaps i should say not more than 1 hour..

now you see why actually i can't arrive sharply at 8.30am.. now imagine i wake up at 7.30am............


i admit i have a disciplinary problem.. eventho' i was a prefect back at skool but that does not mean i was a good student.. in fact, i was one of the prefect who was actually breaking the rules and hang out with the rules-breakers.. hehh..

i think i'm alergic to rules.. as if i'm soo damn rebellious.. every rules are meant to be broken.. the outlaw.. the Robin Hood.. yadayada~~

i pity my boss to have a staff like me.. and to add up the bitter, i am the only staff she has..

haihh.... ~:-|

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