Tuesday, June 8, 2010

another crushes on the list :)

one of the benefit to work at my position now is:

i get to know a lot of people. a LOT of people.

and most of them are MEN. OLDER MEN.

handsome or not tu belakang kira la kan.. but since they are in a higher position, they kinda have a unique aura, very charismatic in their own ways.. and i am very WEAK at this.. damn.

currently i got a few crushes with a few of them.. hehh.. sangat seronok okehh tengok diorang chair the meeting, speak out their ideas, debate on some issues, berkerut2 dahi berpikir.. how adorable.. hmmm~~~

kalo bos aku baca nih sure aku kena tukar dept.. bahahhaa -_-"

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