Sunday, June 27, 2010

FIFA 2010 celebration? *shrug*

frankly speaking, i'm a big supporter of Germany for FIFA.. and for FIFA this year, i'm supporting Brasil and Argentina as well.. in fact, i'm predicting both teams will meet at the final (i really really really hope so!!).. they are great teams this year and most likely to win the cup!

but then, i suddenly got a delivery sent to my door step.. i received an England T-shirt for free, since i've installed Unifi at my home..

beautiful isn't it?

i'm not a fan of England though but i guess since it's free, i will LOOOOOVE to wear it anytime i want.. for instance, i wore it to office last friday, but.........everyone assumed i'm fan.. damn.. i guess that's what i have to bare wearing it.. -_-"

earlier this evening, i went to a pasar malam at puchong and bought a selipar.. what so great about it? it got Spain on it..

beautiful isn't it?

they also got Brasil but the design is not cool enough so i bought this.. since i'm not a fan i guess it's OK for me to step on the team erk.. sorry fans, no offense k.. i bought it just because it's beautiful, not more not less.. :D

what's your FIFA story this year?


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