Thursday, October 21, 2010

an entry of nothing

jeng jejennggg... sedang cuba meng-update blog di ofis.. lama dah tak buat perangai macam ni kan kan.. hik3...

terkenang saat aku lapang kerja tak banyak datang.. T_________T

kenapa hari ni lapang? bukan lapang sebab takde kerja tapi sebab bos takde.. hik3..

of course i still have workload awaiting to be done but no urgency for that so let's play!!!






ok enough with the laughing part already.

i just chaired a meeting this morning (first time nih!!!) since all bosses are on leave (boleh tak semua sekali secara tak sengaja cuti pada hari yang sama???).. the outcome of the meeting is just listing down the current situations and suggestions for the action plan.. the list will be presented to the bosses next week, bila diorang dah masuk kerja balik..

it was horror ok.. i focused too much so that i won't be blur (yes, i sometimes become blur when too much input gets into my brain at one time), until i became too serious i forgot to smile.. bodoh sangat! hodoh sangat!

tapi ok la kot.. janji ada outcome.. meeting objectives achieved.. hehehehh...

there is so many pictures to upload, events to share.. i hope this weekend i can spend my time do nothing except being in front of the laptop..

ok done.

thanks for your time reading this entry.. cos this is the most close-to-nothing, objective-less, pointless entry i ever wrote..

eh yeke? ahahahha WATEVER!!!


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