Friday, October 8, 2010

a way to rest?

i had a bunch of weird dreams lately.. i would wake up with the whole body aching and tired.. maybe i think too much, maybe i work too much.. or maybe i'm just stressed out.. *shrugged*

i admit i have tons of work to finish, and i try everyday to be energetic and give my best shot in every way i can to perform well.. friends to catch up with, family to please.. sleep is the only way to rest myself.. and food perhaps hahha..

but yeah.. i think it is still not enough.. weird dreams mean my brain is still working when i sleep thus making my body draining out.. because i used to not dreaming of anything at all in my sleeps.. and i like to have it back.. :\

ok i know i shouldn't complaint since it is something that i love to do.. i love my job, i love spending times with my family and friends.. it's just that, i think it is the time for me to find a more effective way to rest, instead of just sleeping and eating..

any suggestions?

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