Wednesday, November 3, 2010

mak's bday celebration!

yayy let's celebrate 300th entry with my mom's bday celebration!!   \(^0^)/

date: 25/10/10
venue: home
menu: steamboat, teppanyaki and choc indulgence cake from Secret Recipe

this is a last minute, i would say, arrangement because we (my siblings and i) kept changing the plan! to dine out or dine in, to cook or order, the present, the cake blablabla.. haihh.. banyak kepala banyak akal lorr.. but in the end, we managed it pretty well  (^_-)V

we decided to dine in, made our own version of steamboat and teppanyaki.. my brother bought the cake and my sister bought the present, a silk cloth.. but i didn't take the picture of the present! lupa pulokk :(

 ~abah plg tak sabar sekali! hehe~

 ~bahan2 steamboat~

~let's eat!!!~

 ~the yumyum food!!!~

 ~choc indulgence.. thanks to Secret Recipe~

 ~potong kek & tiup lilin time!~

happy bday mak.. we all love you and will love you always.. wish you the best in your life.. mmuuaahh <3<3<3

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