Saturday, January 15, 2011

aizat's first solo concert! - my preparation

securely safe at home!

i bought this online..

together with the tickets.

oyeahh memang tak sabaaarrr dah niiii!!!!!

aizat's first solo concert is going to be held on 29hb jan '11 at bentley music auditorium, mutiara damansara.. i bought the ticket online last monday.. elok je aku beli they announced all the tickets were sold out! heheh.. lucky me eh.. i guess they saved the tickets for me since i called them earlier, like friday last week.. before i purchased the ticket, the lady i talked to even told me she was expecting for my confirmation email.. she remembered me.. how touching.. hehe..

if you're one of aizat's fan, you can visit his website or follow him in FB.. i don't twit so i don't know if he has a twitter account or not.. hehe..

ok now, it's time for me to memorize all the lyrics! lalallalla~~

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