Wednesday, March 16, 2011

CSO R&R award

date: 2 & 3 mar '11

this event was held for 2 days where all the head states came to HQ for the big meeting.. thus, our GM proposed the event to celebrate the CSM states achievement while they were in town.. i was appointed as the photographer of the event, together with zai..

~the committee meeting~

on the first day, the big meeting took one whole day.. i did not dare enough to ask for photos to be taken during the meeting.. segan la nak kacau.. gila ke apa dengan bos2 besar segala meeting ko sibuk2 tangkap gambar kan..

so let's proceed to the next agenda; bowling yaayyy!! but i did't know to play and take photos at the same time can be very tiring.. i did't even get a single strike/spare!! demmit..

~ya, gambar yang kat tengah2 tu adalah my GM.. hebat dowh dia main.. nasib baik tak satu group dengan dia.. kalau tak, malu aku.. hahahha~

the game was scheduled to start at 8.30pm but it was delayed until 9.30pm.. teruk gila pengurusan.. dah la yang datang main bos2 kan.. malu siot.. mana taknya, orang yang lansung tak tau pasal teknikal yang jaga kaunter.. siyes aku nak band tempat ni..

the next day in the morning, we arranged a motivational talk for the bosses.. the talk was given by the former CSM VP, whom the man i admired the most in my company.. he sees the importance of strengthening CSM in order to win customer's satisfaction.. very inspiring.. rasa sangat motivated.. rasa sangat cairrrrr......

after the talk, we went to Crystal Crown hotel for the award event.. the theme was red & white..

~the arrivals~

~war cry from all the head states~

~in the ballroom~

~the speeches, the opening & the cake~

~eating time!~

~some of the food~

~the winners~

~the appreciation gift, the lucky draw, Gemuruh & group photo~

~after event photos~

bravo to the committee for successfully arranged the event in a very short notice.. hehe.. everyone had a great time.. 


....this is my former boss.. kecik molek je orangnya.. she is the daughter of the man i admired the most in the company.. masa mula2 tau kena kerja dengan dia, i was nervous tahap membunuh.. tapi sebenarnya dia la bos paling sporting yang pernah i worked with.. dalam ketegasan ada kegilaannya, dalam kegeniusan ada kelampiannya.. did i mention she's too a stylo?

love her the most.. setahun belum cukup rasanya untuk aku menangguk ilmu daripada dia.. i learnt soo much from her.. siyes rindu gila kat dia.. tak puas, nak kerja lagi dengan dia.. hopefully one day i can work with her again.. itu pun kalau dia nak aku kerja lagi dengan dia la kan.. hahahaha..

~kak, wish you all the best for your next big thing b(^_^)d

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