Tuesday, April 12, 2011

lunch at shani cafe

date: 22/3/11
venue: wangsa walk, wangsa maju

during training last month, my friends and i managed to steal some time to lunch at this restaurant; shani cafe.. they offer malay food lunch buffet at RM7.. yes, RM7 and that includes drinks and some kuih..

thus, that explained the plates below:

~tamak gila kaaannn~

~their plates~

the best food of the day was lala masak tumis (tumis apa entah aku pun tak tau).. sangat sedap memang tak terkata.. brilliant!

pendek kata memang berbaloi makan kat sini.. memang puas hati..

i also found another blogger reviewed on this restaurant too; daydeck86.. the entry was published last year so i guess the owner of this restaurant has increased the buffet price.. but for me, it is still affordable and sangat berbaloi! recommended!! b(^_^)d


daydeck86 said...

Salam kenal
memang berbaloi makan kat sini kan
makanan pun sedap

whitelilies island said...

btol3.. tp dah lama pun x g mkn kat sini.. jauh sgt so xdpt g slalu.. huhu