Wednesday, April 6, 2011

oh rindunya!

you know what excites me the most? To be able to do 3 - 4 things at the same time! Well, that's my limit for now. I'd love to upgrade 5 - 6 one day.

And hello guys!! At last ada update kan..haha

I've been into many things since last week. I went to langkawi for 4 days and the internet was just nice for me to browse and update my fb. So memang malas la nak update blog segala. Masuk je ofis kerja dah piling up. Weekend sibuk dengan gambar. So i just update gambar tu semua dalam fb je. Tu pun belum habis upload semua lagi. If anyone of you is on my friend list, go check them out k ^__^

I still have pending jobs at work. Plus, with my new boss coming in i think akan lagi hanky panky kot. But i get it positive since he's someone i ever worked with so i already got to imagine reporting under him.

I will slowly trying to update here. I got many plans coming up that i wish to share.

And for the starter, i have put a formspring on the right side of this blog. You are free to ask me anything and i will try to answer.

Have a great life ahead and see ya!

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