Monday, May 16, 2011

the girls of my favourite

celebrating Monday; the first day of the week by playing Uno Card at Chawan Koptiam, Bangsar after work..

 ~this picture was taken right after i won the first round~

~a toast for the winner! :-P ~

signing off with SUNSHINE.

~this kopitiam was also featured in masak-masak; my favourite food blog.. dila had the awesome nasi lemak.. i had pengat pisang with sagu (bubur of the day), and i loved it since it was not too sweet.. the sweetness just came from the banana.. and i also love my hot lemon tea in large glass.. (^__^)d


ohvee said...

haha, mun senget. mcm nak mintk kena tampar je.

nasi lemak sooo yummmyyyyyy! love it too bitssss!

ellooo, bkn kau main tipuk ke?

whitelilies island said...

siot aa.. bila plak aku main tipu.. aku jujur okehh.. ko la, wat2 jatuh kad plak kan.. hahaha