Tuesday, May 24, 2011

my arwah opah

i am reading a book titled "Mengapa Rasulullah Tidak Pernah Sakit", written by Dr. Adi Hashman and suddenly i think about my allahyarhamah opah (my family refer her as opah changkat tin, and the other one is opah sayong.. based on the place where they live)..

as far as i remember, she never fell sick.. i did not remember her having a cold or a fever or a flue.. i don't think i was too ignorant to miss it, because we used to share the same room.. and she always in the living room and only in her room to sleep or pray or reading Quran..

i asked my abah about this, and he also agreed with me.. he said she was terribly ill when she had pneumonia and her body didn't react to the antibiotic, because she was very old.. and that was how she died..

and it's funny to see my dad's shocking face when i asked the question.. bahahahahaa :-D

i never thought of this until today.. she must have done something as her routine to maintain her body health.. my siblings and i always remember how strong she was.. travelling to her children's houses by herself, by taking the bus or taxi.. how she spent the whole morning/evening to pick pegaga in the field.. how she still walking despite her knees were weak.. she would walk, even though she walked slowly, even though i have to take her hand and walk with her, she would still walk..

i know her weak knees were killing her, because i still remember her tight grip in my hand..

i guess i am not the lucky one to learn the tips from her..

~opah, miss you always.. al-fatihah..

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