Thursday, July 21, 2011

in the blues of health

being away from home, in a new place, trying to mix around the new crowd, is already a pressure indeed.. adding up the work loads to it is totally make it worse..

i am reading this book (still tak habis lagi baca walaupun dah beli lama dah, like couple of months back.. walaupun buku ni sangat best dan very informative and inspiring!), about how to stay healthy based on Rasulullah's sunnah..

the author elaborate more on the effect behind Rasulullah's sunnah towards our bodies.. he also support the explanation with some facts and studies conducted by scientists.. very interesting indeed..

i even tried to eat like the author suggested and in only two weeks i could lost 3 kg! menarik tak menarik tak? even though i also tried wearing girdle and stuff, but i think it was due to the way i eat which i lost the kilos.. the other stuff just help me to define the body shape..

but yeah, since i travel a lot these days plus the pressures, i bypass all the routine and eat unhealthily.. makan tak ikut masa, makan banyak daging and less fiber/sayur/fruits, eat junk food.. now i feel guilty towards my own body.. dah la jarang gila exercise sekarang.. hai la badan, minta maaf sangat2 ya... T____T

~ i have developed a high concern on my health because i believe even if i have a lot of money, but if i am not healthy, i cannot use the money for the things i need and want.. and cannot find some more money too! ingat sihat sebelum sakit.. prevention is more effective than cure...

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