Sunday, July 31, 2011

pretty cutey doll house

my friend, modjo, is very creative.. i just knew her interest in doll house and she made them by her own hands! well, they are more like rooms, not house hehe.. but they are aaaalllllll beautifuuuuulllll!!! very impressive..

the kitchen:

the bathroom:

the living room:

the study room:

~modjo said this piano is her masterpiece.. she even couldn't believe she finished it!~

the bedroom:

the baby room:

amazing isn't it? i don't have the patience to do such things, dealing with small tiny little stuff.. fuuhhh... i'll reach my boiling point in no time.. bahahahaha

anyone of you have this kind of hobby? i would love to snap the pictures of more doll houses ^_____^


Ohimesama said...

die jual tak?does she takes order? menarik okeh.aku teringat CSI...ada few eps. about model killer. die akan hantar kat grissom the model of murder scene...

sejak tuh aku minat model2 nih.

super awesome.

lyana said...

deng... sgt osom ahhhh.
kalo aku pun at one point give up gitu haha. xpun tunda smbg lg stahun :P