Wednesday, August 24, 2011

the bag - another dream-come-true moment

err actually, going to be a dream-come-true since belum ship to my home yet.. hahaha..

i won the bid over a bag tonight at dah macam orang gila je aku tekan button bid tu tadi.. berbaloi jua penantian kitak.. ekekeke...

here is the bag..

~Kata Digital Rucksack KT DR-467i-BG~

a bag which is worth to die for.. i have been drooling over this bag ever since i saw it for the first time on the internet.. terus pasang angan2.. alhamdulillah i am a step away to get it.. nasib baik Allah izinkan aku to have it.. thank you dear God *lotsaluv*

i am yet to transfer the picture during my staying here in Kuching.. tak banyak pun ambil gambar since i was out only to the office and restaurants for break-fasting.. insyaAllah i'm going to snap around this weekend.. sambil snap sambil shopping.. err larat ke?? eerrrkkkk... T___T

i think i need to plan something on that.. a more effective plan.. huhu...

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