Sunday, August 14, 2011

promo projek video matlutfi90 sempena hari kemerdekaan 2011

hai hai all.. wassuupp.. hehe

baru lepas frust tengok chong wei kalah tadi.. melepas lagi la msia nak merasa gold medal from BWF..

mengubat hati dengan menonton video matlutfi90 kat youtube.. tetiba terpanggil nak share projek dia kat sini.. mana la tau siapa2 yang baca entry ni terpanggil untuk join kan.. hehe..

how to join (copied from the video description):

subtitles take time. for those who don't understand a thing, but kinda interested to join (cause i'm pretty), make a video response which have you saying

i'm a . . . (your race). my race teaches me to (whatever good values pertaining to human relationship)

and do the same for your religion. i'll compile these videos and post them as one in my next video. the video response wouldn't appear though :)

to post a video response, click on the comment box, and video response link will appear on the right side.

anyone for a better malaysia? :D

interested tak interested tak? kalau nak join, pergi kat comment box dan click kat box tu.. only then baru nampak link video response as he mentioned above..

~before clicking at the comment box~

~once clicked, the link appeared as in the red box~

kalau berminat boleh submit the video k! best wehh.. mamat lutfi tu famous viewers tahap ribu riban.. sure korang leh jadi femesss amesss~~

aku? i'm video shy.... hikhik.. :-P

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