Wednesday, September 14, 2011

konsert yuna di dewan filharmonik petronas

date: 13/9/11
venue: dewan filharmonik petronas

that morning, i was late to the office because i took a longer time than i thought just to decide what to wear! hahaha.. poyo gila.. excited sangat kot.. i was undecided between nak bawak baju lain then change at the office before off to the concert, or pakai je terus baju tu the whole day..

i picked the second plan.. senang, tak payah bawak banyak2 barang..

but as the result, semua orang dok tegur aku pakai frilly skirt.. like, so not me! demmit.

anyway, yuna was AWESOME!!! dengar dia nyanyi 2 jam live memang tak cukup.. rasa macam nak bawak dia balik rumah dan suruh dia nyanyi live sepanjang masa.. hikhikhik..

for me, she is a very talented musician.. she not just knows to compose songs but also how to sing.. listening to her singing last night, i realised how she has improved in controlling her voice compared to two years ago.. yeah, i did watch her singing live once when she was invited to perform in mocca's show in shah alam.. masa tu dengar dia nyanyi pun dah rasa awesome gila.. semalam pulak dengar dia nyanyi with improved singing technique, so bayangkan la the awesomeness tu macam mana.. tak terkata beb!

~this was yuna back then, 2 years ago.. she was just finishing her final semester~

~this is yuna now.. from small shows to as gempak as a concert in dewan filharmonik petronas.. a huge difference in just 2 years time! ~

~her bandmates.. yang aku ingat paling kiri; pa'an the guitarist & paling kanan; adil the drummer.. while introducing her bandmates, yuna told us pa'an is actually the third fan she added in her myspace.. kewl~

~of course la bf dia datang sekali kaann.. hikhik.. the handsome kewl qi~

~got her autograph on the lyrics booklet and the ticket! *lovelovelove*~

a legend in the making.. the beauty of a gem is meant to be shared.. thus, i hope the world will listen to her music and appreciate her talent..

dear yuna, good luck! b(^___^)d

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