Tuesday, November 15, 2011

dinner @ sri sayang restaurant

date: 17/6/2011

this was during my last trip to penang.. after check-in to the hotel, we headed straight to Batu Feringghi.. after spending some times on the beach, we went to this restaurant for dinner, Sri Sayang Restaurant.. the food served are halal chinese cuisines..

the concept was to order our buffet and the dishes will be served on our table.. the food, i tell you, i still can taste the tastiness in my mouth.. i really miss this restaurant a lot.. pay about RM20 and you can order anything you want from the menu! they served the food hot and fresh from the wok as they only cook the food after you place your order.. terbaik!

~we arrived early so we took some pictures while waiting for the restaurant to open~

~the colourful lamp are made from plastic recycled bottles.. there is a swimming pool in front of the restaurant~

~sotong goreng tepung~

~err i forgot what is this, but it does look yummy, doesn't it? hikhik.. i think this is fried wanton la~

~ikan masak tiga rasa~

~ayam masak lemon~

~ my fave broccoli tumis.. it was soo good we ordered twice.. hehe~

 ~nasi goreng.. we ordered one plate only and shared with the three of us.. sebab nak meratah lauk dengan lahapnya.. ekekekeke~

~also my fave daging masak apa tak pasti la pulak.. but it tasted soo damn good.. terliur okeh.. teringat2 lagi rasa sedapnya~

~another my fave sizzling beef.. kitorang order selepas tengok meja jiran order dan kitorang menjadi sangat dengki dan nak jugak.. served berasap2 ke meja.. siapa tak dengki kan :-P ~

~sotong masak sambal~

~our dessert; ice-cream, fried samosa and chicken satay~

oh, please be reminded, any leftover will be charged! so make sure makan sampai habis ya! ^____^

Sri Sayang Apartment
188 Jalan Batu Ferringhi
11100 Penang
Tel: 04-881 1688
Operating Hours:
Monday- Sunday: 12pm-3pm; 7pm-10pm

and the great deal of menu for you to choose (from MyDEAL.com.my):


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