Thursday, February 20, 2014

just a thought

out of curiosity, i was going through one of my favourite clothing company's profile in their website.. i noticed two of the BOD are only in their early 30s.. so i went back to find out who was on top of the list.. there it goes; the founder and the young ones are the sons..

how nice.. all this while my family and i were making them billionaires at young ages and able to graduate from UK universities and be among of the BOD in their early 30s..

that was my dream.. in my school days, i always dream of being a boss in a higher management post.. a graduate from an oversea's university.. being a successful lady.. looking elegant and sophisticated.. talking intelligently and gracefully and confidently.. and yada yada..

how nice some people are actually living a life of my dream.. while i am still faaar away from it.. -_-"

and then i thought, what if someday i own a billionaire company and become filthy rich and have children.. will i force my children to be an overseas graduates and be the BOD of the company? what if they refuse because they have their own path of lives? if so, will i be able to let go the company to the more interested party when it was supposed to be a heritage to my children and their generation?


then there you go.. a sinetron beratus episod..



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