Sunday, October 18, 2009

hepy bday ain!!

i organized this surprise party for ain.. huhuhh...
plan nk wat kol 4pm.. siap book meeting room dah.. sekali runner (dilla) lmbt laa plak.. last2 kitorg wat dlm kol 5 lbey..
mntk tlg fakrul, selaku ain's TL utk bwk ain msk ke meeting room.. salute to him cos he really did a superbly good job!!


wish you a very happy 24th bday.. i wish for only the best things to happen in your life.. and for all the happiness in the world would be yours..
you've been a very great fren to me.. very supportive.. you have opened up my eyes to almost eveything i see now towards my life..
this frenship is one of the greatest thing that happens to me.. and i hope it will last for eternity..
luv u always..

~to all, tq for ur cooperation.. hehhehe


DSBlacky said...
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DSBlacky said...

Tq to all..

Sangat terkejut... tangan pun dah menggigil nak potong kek...

So sweet.... lap u jugak :)

Thank for cake coz choose Cheese cake... sedap.... :)

whitelilies island said...

nebes maakk.. ahahha...

igt nk beli new york cheese cake tp sbb kak liza x mkn so beli la choc cheese cake sbb xde rs cheese sgt.. sdp kan.. hehe..

tp my peberet tetap brownies cheese.. nyumnyumnyum~~