Sunday, October 4, 2009

homey day today

i'm at home. FINALLY!!

it has been a constant bz days since got back from the long break.. as expected anyway.. my frens keep on asking me when i would be back to KL to go out hangout n have fun since the second day of raya.. adehh...

plans after plans, lack of sleep and energy keep on decreasing smpi la aku collapse smlm.. tdo dr kol 7pm smpi 6am today.. nah hamekk ko!! puas ati badan? bluweekk...

i refused to go out anywhere today..
GTH wif any invitation which will (definitely) comes later..
i wanna do some job wif my pix collection..
i wanna cook (will post the pic.. i promise!)..
i wanna listen to my fave song (currently; Kau Harus Ada by Hujan)..
i wanna be wif my laptop all day..

i luv being home.. ^_^

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