Wednesday, November 25, 2009

life is funny, really

hidup nih mmg klaka kdg2.. pe yg kite ckp psl org lain sbnrnye diri sndri pun wat gak..
n kdg2 kita x penah pun wat benda tu.. dok la komplen org lain wat gitu gini.. last2 kita wat gak benda yg sama as we have complained before.. klaka2..

hidup ni mmg mcm roda..
pusing2 kena blk kat diri sndri gak..
so better be quite.. that's why silence is smart.. kurang berckp kurang wat dosa.. Nabi dah ajar umat dia awal2 lg kan.. antara nk ikut ke xnak je..

i'm not just talking about other ppl.. this is about me as well.. i used to say i won't do this n that but later on i do just exactly wat i've been saying won't be doing..
perhaps it's a way God want to remind me not to simply say anythg like u can predict the future.. like u really know urself n over-confident on smthg..
because human is very weak at heart when it comes to world's temptation.. rite now we can say we are strongly hold on to wat we believe.. but no one knows wat gonna happen in future.. we can predict nothing.. that's why we better shut up.. only when the thing happens, think deep to make the right choice..

talking 'bout rite choice.. hmm.. i always fail this.. bahahhaha!! -_-"

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