Monday, January 11, 2010

harini hari selasa

2nd week of 2010

  • not clueless anymore, since i already got some clues :-D
  • starting to get used to seeing big bosses everyday (bkn sekadar melihat malah mendengar termasuk juga menegur)
  • still fail to really get up from the bed at 6am and off to work at 7am (msk arini dah 6 hari berturut2 aku x dpt parking free, so park kat luar.. msk arini dah 2 hari berturut2 aku msk opis lmbt, lps pkl 8.30am)
  • i successfully make up my bed every morning before going to work except yesterday (ni satu pencapaian yg hebat dan wajib celebrate ye)
  • internet still x psg lg kat umah baru jd my new home is more like a prehistoric cave rite now
  • bf meragam = flow-out money
  • has passed the first step in blending in with new opismet
tu je kut.. teeehehehe...

~another day to come.. another week to pass.. but i never fail in missing you...

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