Sunday, January 3, 2010

hepy 2010 all.. wish me luck!! p(^_^)q

yeah.. hepy new year all...

well... i've been locked up in a cave far away from the civilisation where there is no internet at all.. heh..

my new year celebration was superb.. no pic tho but it was superb.. yet still, there was a hole.. without him, it seems so not rite.. there is a blank where i can't fill up.. i ended up feeling down summore.. cry summore.. haihh...

and the next day i got sick.. i slept the entire day.. the very first day of 2010.. how cool is that? huh -_-"

2010.. all i can say is; it is a year of a new beginning.. i moved into the new house.. got my own place (no more sharing bedroom or bathroom.. great eh? huhuhuuu).. start new job.. according to the letter, my effective date would be 1st jan '10.. so it's official now.. bahahaha.. ok watever..

but then, new things leave me being clueless.. i'm clueless on everything.. my path, my goal, my desire..

tomorrow gonna start working after almost a week being in the cave.. i'm not ready yet.. but tomorrow is still coming anyway.. ready or not i'm just gonna hit it rite.. just go for it..

perhaps i should switch on the heartless mode.. easier to face anything, everything.. easier for me to survive..

ok heart.. i'm sorry.. but we have to do it again..

2010.. with a heartless mode, a survivor spirit and a bit of luck..

i hope i'll be just fine...

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