Saturday, March 13, 2010

induction HSBB 03/10 program

date: 2 - 23 feb 2010
venue: TM training center, marang, terengganu

it is still somthg unbelievable for me to survive from the program.. without my car and my frens and internet.. for 3 weeks straight!! gosh.. sometimes i thought it was just a dream.. hahha..

the first week was the most terrible days.. got no one for me to share jokes with.. to talk more personal things with.. the meals were prepared by the caterer and i ate every single meals and no exercises.. except for some times of playing futsal and volleyball.. no jogs no swim.. and i gained weight and was depressed..

but then i found some great frens to chill around with especially my roomate, fara. we were destined to be together i guess since we both got no one close to share a room with.. she invited me to join her.. i'm glad she did.. we still are frens even after back to work.. ^___^

my groupmates were great either.. my group was the forth group named iTALK (every group must be named with the company's products).. we won the best group of the program and our female futsal team won the champion title for the futsal match btw groups.. and i was the futsal capten.. hahahaha... i was just a goalie.. my team played great games.. luv them all.. mmmuuaahh...

~this is my group in the class~

~my seat is the forth row from the front, beside has~

~the last row of my group, behind my row~

~in front of my row~

~the second row from the front~

~the front row~

~behind my group was group 8: VOIP~

~beside my group is group 3: IPTV.. fara was in this group~

~my group leader~

~this is the penyelia program.. basically she's the one who took care of all peserta program seramai 160 org~

~the futsal team, on the day of our first match~

~these are the girls whom i spent most of my time with ms kat sana.. gelak2 main volleyball borak2 smpi pg.. seb baik jupe derang kalo x aku leh sakit mental.. heh.. owh my rumet pun join skali cuma dia x main volleyball.. hehe~

during chinese new year holiday, i took the chance to go to pulau kapas for 2 days n 1 nite..

before that we had a visit to an exchange and taman tamadun islam.. then we proceed to pasar payang for some shopping.

we had to organise our dinner on 21st feb.. i offered myself to be the official photographer on the nite so i was excluded from any performance team and joined the crew team.. i was one of the backdrop team.. we came up with some fancy idea for the backdrop to match the theme: black & white.. at first ramai yg x yakin kitorg leh wat ms kitorg bentangkan idea ni kat ketua batch n ketua krew tp kitorg yakinkan gak yg benda ni adelah possible..

~this is the leader of the backdrop team~

~one of the backdrop team.. sepjg proses wat backdrop nih, dia slalu joking by saying "doing the impossible" :-D ~

~ni pun one of the backdrop team.. dia ni gak la asst. photographer for the dinner.. graduated from US~

~dia ni unofficial asst. photographer.. dia byk tgkp ms2 yg lain selain dr dinner n sepjg proses pembikinan backdrop~

~dan inilah hasilnya.......~

~close up.. amacam? *sambil agkt kening*~

 ~before i forgot, on the left is the crew leader and on the right is the floor support~

~food of the night: steamboat!! nyumnyumnyum~

~on the last day, kitorg ramai2 lepak kat restoran lempeng x jauh dr training center tu~

~aku order sotong sumbat.. org ganu pggl pe ntah aku x igt.. yg dlm plastik tu aku lupa nama dia tp kinda like mknan tradisi org ganu gak laa~

~the chef expertise: lempeng~

well.. considering the friends that i got from this program, i guess it was worth being locked up there after all.. heheh.. no worries, i'm a survivor!! :-D

got soooo many pix taken.. i've compiled it together.. check it out k! :-D

~futsal match~

~pembikinan backdrop~

~geng kompang~

~persembahan boria~

~persembahan dikir~

~persembahan koir~

~persembahan sketsa~

~sesi penyampaian hadiah~

~slps dinner~

~kenduri hamper~

~last nite at marang~


Mr M said...

haa aku nk komen berani mati ni... sotong sumbat org ganu panggil tupat kan?? aku yg tengah taip ni pun terasa kekacisannya di dalam mulut..pergh.... wei mana gmbr model sambilan ko tuh?? btw sorry sebab tak sempat jumpa ko sebelum ko balik.. baju yg ko bagi tuh kacis laaa.. tapi lagi kacis kalo aku tak segemok sekarang...

whitelilies island said...

hahaha mmg kacis laa tupat sotong tuh.. terigt2 aku rsnya.. aku nk order kat ko bley? eheheh..

gmbr model sambilan tu nnt aku wat entry bru yek.. saba yek (sebok je model tu nk gak :-P)

xpe, ko pn bz kan.. nnt ade rezki kita jupe lg.. ^________^