Monday, March 22, 2010

nk bg ke?

if you meet some new ppl like in a training you're attending or from a program you joined, and suddenly they ask you "do you have a blog? i would like to read it if you do"...

would you give your blog adrs to them?

my answer would be i won't.. i won't even admit to having a blog either.. hahhaa...

well.. malu laa wehh.. sum1 you barely know suddenly read your blog and comment watsoever.. malu wehh.. hahaha..

malu ke? patutnya tak la kan.. blm tentu akn jupe dia lg pn kan.. haihh..

practically everyone now in the world would have a blog.. kalo isi biodata dlm buku skola cam dolu2 sure akn tmbh satu lg sila-isi-tmpt-kosong iaitu blog adrs.. so pe kes nk malu kan..

tp aku tetap x leh wehh.. malu sehh.. kalo sum1 yg aku x kenal happened to know my blog from kinda like blog-hopping activity, lain cite.. sbb dia terjupe sndri.. tp kalo nk aku yg bg mmg aku xkan bg la kut..

ntah la.

kalo korg, korg bg tak?

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