Tuesday, March 23, 2010


sometimes i think i've been too mean to some ppl.. especially to ppl who i hate..

i dont simply hate them.. i always have reason(s) to hate some ppl.. usually because of their actions which have hurt me inside out.. or ppl who are stupidly snobbish and disrespect other ppl around them..

i can forgive.. but it takes time.. and usually i will always remember eventho' they have been forgiven..

unfortunately it shows.. i cant hide the feelings.. i cant even pretend.. usually i will distant myself from them.. when we bump into each other, i will just keep quite.. perhaps i will just give them a smile to cover up the hatred.. or just say hi.. one thing that i can pretend is when i see them from afar and probably i will bump into them, i will pretend i dont notice them.. bahahhaa...


it's not nice isn't it? morality, it is not nice.. but i can't help it..

if there is a delete button in my life.. i will press it on those ppl.. or perhaps move them to the recycle bin and empty it..

but living in the real world would never be that easy anyway.. must be strong and pull myself together to face those ppl..

i'll get thru' it.. gambatte!!

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