Monday, April 5, 2010


since my company usually measures the performance quarterly, so i guess i wanna do the same too.. hahaa..

hmm.. so far my performance in work is OooK.. ahahhaa.. i asked my boss she said "bagus".. so ok la kan.. hehh.. not bad for 2 months newie aite.. why 2 months? well of cos have to minus 1 month due to the induction program.. duhh.. :-P

it just that i'm getting busier day by day.. my boss putting more responsibilities on me phase by phase.. at the moment i'm serabut.. i still not organise my mind yet.. and also the tasks.. sume cam kucar-kacir tunggang-langgang.. lately keep doing my job like usik sini sket usik sana sket.. last2 aku yg pening.. haihh..

seb baik sbm ni dah fully utilised my free tym.. bahahaaha...

my personal life is just lame.. same story, nothing new.. owh except for the new man that had officially entered and patiently staying in my whitelilies island.. hehh.. i luv him.. enuff said.. i'm glad he's patient enuff to be with me.. now i guess it's the tym for me to pay him back.. to be patient as he's currently being extremely bz which i really hate.. aku bz tape, dia takleh.. bahahhaahah... ok jgn ngengada sgt yek..

currently i'm bz looking for any chances for me to proof my talent.. i need feedback from the experts.. i want my art to be reviewed by them.. only that way i can improve myself rite.. i will share the chances here so that you also can join (if you're interested la kan ^_____^)..

so far tu je kut which i can write.. perhaps there is more but for now i can't reveal anythg yet.. too early to mention it.. *winkwink*

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