Monday, May 3, 2010

being single is great.. trust me.

you are the only exception...

sometimes when i think back, it's really great to be single.. to just care about yourself.. coz rite now i've become sum1 who really weak, easily to be broken even over small stupid things.. yup i've to admit.. i luv to be pampered so when i get used to it, i can be very dependable.. so emotional, so vulnerable.. anything can become a breaking point..

like when i was supposed to enjoy the tokio hotel concert last saturday, yet i actually was in the crowd with a shattered heart and i almost about to cry in the middle of the crowd!

i was lucky enuff to go there with a fren who is agak blur when it comes to reading emotion on the face.. she was asking me "ada ko ok ke?".. n i was immediately snapped back to reality n answered "xde la, ok je" right away.. with that simple answer, she turned around to face the stage back.. hehh..

i guess it's true enuff.. what u get u have to give smthg back in return.. we as a humble n weak human, are not destined to have it all.. well, if it's not u then it's me.. i believe ramai lg yg kat luar sana pun camtu gak.. so for now, i need to just be grateful with i currently have.. i must learn not to ask for more.. to dream for it, work for it, yes i think i can.. but to hope for it, well......... i better not.

~taking care of the heart. as always...

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