Thursday, May 6, 2010

my first interview session as a panel :D

last wednesday, there was an interview session and i was one of the panel.. and one of the other panel was kak umi, the one who had interviewed me more than a couple of years ago.. hehhe ;-P

my team is currently short-staffed.. and to find the correct person to suit the requirement is not as easy as i thot.. sgt leceh.. there were some candidates who were disqualified and also over qualified.. ada yg very presentable and looks very confident but then, he only has SPM as highest qualification.. very sad..

now i kinda understand why we should study to get the highest qualification as we can.. because eventho' we are suitable for the job, but we can be disqualified just by the education level..

i really hope those candidates yg bgs2 tu will eventually further their studies.. and be as successful as they can be..... :)

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