Wednesday, June 2, 2010

that team (read that underlined and itallic)

the biggest challenge working in my company is, personally i think, how to introduce a new process to a certain type of staff.. i do believe this kind of staff exists in other companies as well..

the certain type of staff is the resistant.

they are negative.. some are very negative..
maybe due to lack of self confidence..
or perhaps too demotivated.
i would say most of them are old.. around 40 to 55..
but there are also younger staff who are also the resistant type.. but they are minority and manageable.

currently my next project would be to merge the young and fresh team with the old and resistant team.. how's that? and tomorrow would be my first training for that team.

it is just a beginning.. it would be more, since the project implement nationwide...

how's that???????

~wish me luck.

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