Saturday, June 5, 2010

tokio hotel live in malaysia

date: 1 may 2010
venue: OU, damansara utama

i went to see the Tokio Hotel concert.. ok i admit i was not their fan actually.. i went there coz i got the free tickets!! 2 free tickets.. yeah cool eh.. hehe... thanks to everoyoneconnects!! *thumbsup*

well i was eager to go there not becos of them but bunkface.. yeah BUNKFACE!!! i was like jumping-jumping when they sing their songs.. they're super cool!!! and when they finished i told my fren, ok let's go home.. and i lol.. people around me just looking at me in disgust.. bahahaha..

when Tokio Hotel finally sing (which took about another one hour for them to go out on the stage!!! duhh), i must admit they were quite cool.. their songs are enjoyable.. not that rock but OK, i guess.. enjoyable.. listenable.. i just know their 3 hit singles.. so when i looked around and saw people singing along to their other songs, i was like, how the hell you all know THAT??!! bahahha.. maybe they already have the album months before TH come to malaysia.. hehehh -_-"

i managed to record Bunkface performed before my hp battery went off.. dead.. they were towdally rawkkss!!!!

i also manage to record pop shuvit.. only 1 video.. hehehh

~sorry for the low quality pixel T_______T
 ~~pls join everyoneconnects in facebook.. you might get many things for free like i did.. i did get the free tickets for tokio hotel concert and before that, backstage passes to meet Aizat & Hao Ren in person!!! *lovelovelove*

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