Saturday, July 10, 2010

FIFA 2010 - my story part 2

sooooooo............ klose is not playing tonight.. damn.

~miroslav klose~

i was praying for him to play tonight.. i know he's injured but i was hoping for a miracle.. i have missed him since his last game.. and to know he's only 1 goal away to beat ronaldo's FIFA record, has added the sadness.. T__________T

it's okay klose.. i'll cheer for you in the next world cup.. and of course your club bayern munchen.. love you always *hugskisses*


 in my previous post, i wrote about my possessions related to FIFA this year remember? (read here).. well eerily somehow, both country has entered the final game.. and of course England is not the team who entered the final duhh, it's actually Spain (the sandals).. and the referee will be someone from England (the free shirt).. if Paul the Octopus's prediction is true, then it's an honor for me to wear the sandals.. bahahaha!!

currently Germany is leading 1-0.. thanks to muller.. come on guys! i want to see more goalsssss!!!! :-D


faradel said...

cess...peminat klose jugek rupanya..huh..!

ps: yer...aku sgt berani utk komen.huahah

whitelilies island said...

takpe2.. kalo kekasih yang komen ai bley rilek lg.. hohohooo :D