Saturday, July 17, 2010

have fun, kakak!

starting next monday, aku bakal ditinggalkan oleh puan bos yg dikasihi.. hukhukhuk sdeyyyyy T______T

i don't really like it when i have to work while my boss is on leave.. kalau dia on leave but still in malaysia i still can contact her if anything happen.. but what if she goes holiday overseas and refuse to do roaming??? damn.. i am soo scared..

the truth is, i'm nervous on how am i going to handle all the problems which will going to arise when she's on leave.. problem yang still ada sekarang pun aku still tercungap2 nak handle.. tu pun aku mesti akan confirm kan dengan dia dulu.. now that she's not around, i think i'm going to be lost.. hukhukhuk T_________T

aku tau dia pun nervous nak tinggalkan aku dengan segala perihal kerja tu.. cara dia tinggalkan amanat tu pun macam (i can see it on her face); she has to believe me even though she is not.. of course i understand why she would feel that way.. aku kerja dengan dia baru berapa bulan kan.. and then suddenly she has to leave me by myself.. i know dia sure kasihan kat aku terkontang-kanting.. and i'm pretty sure dia dah pesan kat semua orang minta tolong tengok2kan aku.. hahhahaha...

how can i figure it out? well................ thanks to my supernatural power to read other people's mind.. bahahhhaha

tadi pun masa nak salam dengan dia before i went home (i went to her father's dusun at semenyih after the badminton match), aku rasa cam nak peluk dia je.. rasa macam nak cakap kat dia, "kakak, balik la cepat.. jangan la pergi lama2.. i don't want to be left alone!!" bahahhaha -_-"

but to think back, i can't be selfish.. she deserves the holiday.. she has been working day and night, practically everyday.. she works hard to please her big boss, and also the other big bosses.. and they are all got various kind of kerenah.. dia seriously sangat penyabar dan tabah orangnya.. haihh..

well kakak, enjoy your holiday.. just go on and have fun and don't worry about anything here.. i'm going to be fine.. everything is going to be fine ^_____^  *crossing fingers*

~my department organised a badminton match this morning.. and my team won! yayy!!! <3<3<3

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