Sunday, October 24, 2010

maher zain's showcase

date: 14/10/10
venue: auditorium mbsa

at last, the day long awaited have finally come.. serious malam tu berdebar2 tak boleh tidur.. hehe.. plan asal adalah pergi dengan parents but they last minute changed their minds to surrender the tickets to my bro n sis.. so off we were to the auditorium..

 ~at the entrance~

 ~met my alang there.. she also bought the ticket on the same day but different seats~

 ~full house! tickets were sold out even before maher zain came to m'sia!~

 ~the stage~

 ~snapping while waiting for the event to start~

 ~the hosts; syed fitri and wardina.. she's so lovely!~

 ~opening by in team~

 ~and by aishah as well.. her voice is remarkably beautiful!~

finally, the man himself came out on stage.. he is very simple and humble.. he kept saying he loves m'sia and will definitely be back here for a concert, which of cos i'm looking towards!! the lyrics are very touching and listening to the man himself singing live has made me in tears..

~i definitely need a wider range lense!!! T______T ~

maher zain's visit to m'sia has been arranged by Raudhatus Sakinah together with various sponsors.. if not because of the showcase, i would never know what RS really is.. basically, it is a shelter for women with problems like rape, pregnancy without marriage, abused, zina etc.. before the show started, they presented a vid clip on the shelter and their activities in helping the society to stop zina..

it has truly opened up my eyes.. being a part of the society, it is our responsibility to help those in need of a second chance.. since musim mengawan pun hampir tiba, let's give our hand to support the campaign "Anda Bijak Jauhi Zina".. ataupun boleh juga join aktiviti Himpunan 1000 Jiwa 1 Hati.. boleh daftar sebagai peserta ataupun fasilitator..

maher zain pun dah pergi melawat one of the shelter.. siap bagi talk dan kongsi pengalaman dan nasihat lagi.. kalau dia boleh buat, kita pun boleh.. kan?  (^_')V


mEiZ SHA said...

sgt suke sama maher zain..:)

whitelilies island said...

he's an amazing musician kan? :)

Ogy said...

wahhh bestnyaa dpt tgk maher zain....aduss mama terlepas le...

anyway..salam ziarah :)