Tuesday, December 28, 2010

malaysia dan piala suzuki AFF 2010 - part I

orang yang bertanggungjawab memancarkan laser ke arah penjaga gol indonesia semasa perlawanan akhir pusingan pertama piala Suzuki AFF 2010..

he's not malaysian.. he's not indonesian.. he's originally from japan.. i guess he likes markus so much that he marked him with his laser beam..

~this is just for a joke.. it has been spreading and everyone has been tagged to the picture in FB.. no hard feeling k :P


Malaysia won 3-0 in the match.. it was a brilliant performance by malaysia team.. it was still in my head as i watched it in stress and disbelief of all the magnificent goals.. if they keep this kind of momentum, yeah we can win the second round.. but hey, i am sure indonesia will do their very best to overcome the lost.. plus, they have the advantage by playing at their place..

i am sure tomorrow's match will be very interesting.. i can't wait ^_-

~good luck for both teams.. hope the match will be fair and square..
~~wishing malaysia can end this year by winning this match!

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