Wednesday, December 22, 2010

calories oh calories

as one of the way for me to reduce weight, i was thinking of calculating calories for every food intake.. woaahh it turned out to be scary.. always we think a small portion of certain high calories food won't do any harm, but it turns out to be a major effect of your total calories intake per day!!!

ok nanges T________T

so now i am very concern on what i consume.. makan kena pilih2, tak boleh suka2 hati lagi.. hukhukhuk...

i go to this website to help me monitor my calories intake..

first, you need to key in your height and current weight.. the website will calculate your current BMI, your target weight and also target date.. yes, you read it right, target date.. but of course, you have to be in full discipline to achieve the target..

i found this website is very helpful to assist me on losing weight.. at least i know my direction and guidance.. kalau buat suka2 hati nanti sesat pulak kan.. suka2 hati jugak la kita nak skip2 segala jadah kan.. so sekarang kalau kau tak ikut, result kau teruk!! erk sepatutnya tulis "aku" bukan "kau" kot.. eheekk -_-"

this is only an option.. perhaps you have another better website to monitor your daily calories intake ;)

while i was checking the forum, this reader posted a website for children's nutrition.. maybe you will find it beneficial for your kids..

ok til then, selamat mencuba!


faradel said...

g lah wat full blood test dulu baru ko tau tahap kesihatan ko.then jmpa dietetic kt klinik kt tkt 26 tu.aku baru je jumpa pg td..dia siap bg jadual ape yg ptt dibuat secara healthy to lose weight.:)..try aaa

whitelilies island said...

waahh tq beb for the info!