Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rapunzel: A Tangled Tale | The Chronicles Of Narnia - Voyage Of The Dawn Treader

mungkin dah agak basi tetapi tetap nak tulis juga sebab cerita ni best sangat2! i really did have a great laugh watching this movie.. another applause for Disney team! sesiapa yang belum tengok please please please go watch it now before they stop showing at the cinema!!

and of course the unforgettable cast from the movie; Maximus the soldier horse! magnificent side kick! soo hilarious!!! <3<3<3

the second movie i watched recently was The Chronicles Of Narnia - Voyage Of The Dawn Treader

for me, this time the story is very deep in meaning.. the writer tried to relate the story to real life.. it is very different from the first and second movies, which are more about wars and world peace *wink2* .. this third movie, the main characters struggle to win their own war.. the biggest war of all.. the war with the lust.. even the greatest warriors might fail in that kind of war.....

and it is sad knowing there will be no more 4 kings and queens of narnia in future (if they really want to make the forth movie).. they will not return to narnia, since they are all grown-ups now.. i guess narnia is for kids with big hearts eh?

so how about me? the adult who follow loyally to the movie??? T_________T

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